Keep Your Dog Cool This Summer!

Lizzie Stott

The summer weather is finally here! And we want to

share some tips on how to keep your dog cool this summer! with the sun and clear skies also comes the sweltering heat, We try our best to keep ourselves cool during the summer with air conditioning, fans, and short sleeves. Keeping our furry friends cool should also be a priority! Some of the same principles that we use to keep ourselves feeling comfortable can be applied to our furbabies

1. Limit exercise during the hottest part of the day! The afternoon sun is the warmest, so keeping walks shorter during the 12-3pm time frame is generally best. Long walks should be kept to the early morning hours or evening hours.

2. Bring water! Keep both yourself and your pup hydrated in the hot sun. 

3. Stick to the shade! Walking in the shade will greatly help in keeping your pup cool! Avoid the hot asphalt and cement as much as possible. If its too hot for your bare feet – its too hot for your dog’s! 

Its also important to know the signs and recognize if your dog is overheating. Fatigue is the number one sign that your dog might be overheating.

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