Grubber Balls

Lizzie Stott

The Grubber Balls- whether it's the football or rugby ball you prefer.. These balls are AMAZING! This durable dog toy is everything your pet needs, you can kick, throw, tug, fetch and bounce, keeping your fur babies entertained for hours. 

Not only does the grubber ball provide hours of fun play and good times it also cleans your dogs teeth and massages gums! Winner winner! 

The Grubber Ball has been designed with durability in mind. The Grubber will outlast any regular dog toy, we've had ours for three years and it doesn't have a mark on it!! If that's not value for money... I don't know what is! Happy doggies mean happy parents. 

Treat your fur baby to a Grubber Ball TODAY! You won't be disappointed! 

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