Kong Jumbler Toys

Lizzie Stott

The Kong Jumbler is available in M/L and L/XL making this toy suitable for all dogs. Not only is there a tennis ball within the outer ball to drive the dogs crazy but it also squeaks, a simple but very effective method to keep the dogs interested and excited. The Jumbler has two handles either side of each ball meaning that the ball is easier to pick up so a game of throw, fetch and tug is also an option. The handles provide a strong area for the dog to bite on giving the dog control over the ball which can help reduce some dogs frustration which can often occur with other balls. 

The outer layer is made by Kong, the same company who creates the amazing durable Classic Kong that has been described as the gold standard of dog toys for over thirty years.

The Jumbler is super-bouncy, made of natural rubber compound so is perfect for dogs that like to chew and play. The only pitfall is the weight of the toy, it is a slightly heavier toy meaning a petit dog may struggle to pick up and carry it, however the handles do at least help to give the smaller dogs a challenge potentially a way of keeping their interest.

We had high expectations of the Kong Jumbler simply because of who it was made by but we had definitely underestimated how much of a success it would be. Our judgement was created from the simple belief that no dog toy is indestructible.

The Kong Jumbler is recommended worldwide by Veterinarians, Trainers and dog enthusiasts, however in reality the only recommendations that we really want to hear about are from fellow dog owners who have dogs that like to chew, shred and destroy. 

We can honestly say after testing the toy out on numerous of our doggy friends and customers that we highly recommend this product as being a durable, tiring, exciting and stimulating toy for any playful dog.

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