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Lizzie Stott

Some of you many have seen on social media pages the below image...

scan me petition micro chip

The petition is to make it compulsory for all dogs to be microchipped and thankfully now on 6th April 2016, the government have responded and said it will be a requirement for all dogs to be identified with a micro chip. 


The government considers that requiring all dogs to be microchipped will help promote dog welfare and more responsible dog ownership. Microchipped dogs that stray will be more quickly reunited with their owner and spend less time in kennels, which is good for the dog and good for the owner. Microchipping your dog will also reduce the burden on local authorities and dog rescue/rehoming centres by cutting the amount of time spent away from their owner.

Local authorities, vets and rescue/rehoming centres scan and check the dog for a micro chip on arrival anyways and to help with this, local authorities have been provided with free scanners by The Kennel Club

micro chip dogs

Vets will not enforce you to micro chip your dog, however in cases where vets do come across an unmicrochipped dog they will advise you about the new government requirement. As a sensible dog owner it would be highly recommended to ensure your dog is micro chipped.  

The government have also reminded organisations and agencies to continue to routinely scan dogs that may have been involved in a road or rail accident and inform the relevant owner if and where possible as a matter of good practice.

It is not compulsory for everyone who comes into contact with a dog to scan it in order to check compliance with the micro chip requirements or to establish whether the dog is lost or stolen. 

Despite the government responding in this manner we would still advise everyone to sign the petition as it requires a minimum of a 100,000 signatures in order for the Petitions Committee to take this to a debate. The Committee is made up of 11 MP's from political parties and in opposition . So please please please continue to sign this petition to help lost and stolen dogs to be reunited as quickly as possible.

Thank you

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