Whats the Yellow ribbon for?

Lizzie Stott

Have you ever come across a dog with a yellow ribbon around its collar or harness and wondered what its for? 

The yellow ribbon is to help everyone close by to understand that you need to be careful around this dog as it may not be child/adult friendly or dog friendly, It may suffer from fear or anxiety or may just get overly excited. Either way, you must be cautious when approaching and always always always ask the owner's permission before touching or going too near. 

yellow ribbon

The Yellow Dog Project is a non profit organisation that is a global effort to help raise awareness and education around dogs that require a little extra distance upon approaching. 

yellow dog project

Just because a dog is wearing a yellow ribbon does not mean that this dog is dangerous or aggressive. For example It may mean the dog is cautious around unfamiliar faces, if they have been fostered or rescued or that they are in pain and undergoing veterinary treatment. It could be any number of things but more importantly the owner is taking action and being very sensible by alerting everyone near by with the yellow ribbon. 

The purpose behind the yellow ribbon project is to assist with proper techniques to approach a dog. For example children may approach the dog very energetically, which may cause the dog stress and scare them. In time and with proper education on this subject, all parties will be put in a less stressful environment and ultimately will reduce the opportunities for unforeseen accidents. 

Have you ever come across a yellow ribbon?

What did you do in this situation? 


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