Firstly a huge HELLO and THANK YOU for visiting our website. 

I am the proud owners of 2 gorgeous English Bulldogs. Nancy and Willie and 3 little Pekingese Gremlin, Gloria and Penelope. 

Having been a crazy dog lady for a few years, I discovered The Edward Foundation, this is when the infamous Hilda Bear came into my life. Hilda came to me originally as a foster dog, however from the very first day everyone knew she was never leaving. She was about 8 years old, she was on a 'for sale' site for £50, a little deformed, bad eyes, blocked gunky infected ears, infected, rotten and broken teeth, a chest infection and a sores on her feet and body, she had possibly had a few litters but those may have been a struggle as she is very petite.  

So with that in mind having spent hundreds of pounds on toys, beds, collars, leads, bowls, food and sooooooo many allergy products to help Nancy who is allergic to everything, I came to realise I had spent far too much money on products that were pretty useless. The one thing we were missing was help and information and thats why at Alderley Dog House we plan to educate you with the best products that you actually need and will be beneficial to you to help save you money and get you the best product for your dog and your wants and needs, for example toys and beds that are designed to last.

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If you have any questions before purchasing any items, we have to tried to provide as much information as possible on the website but if there is anything else you would like to know please email us: and we will do our best to get the information for you if we don't already know it.

Lizzie x